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Issues you are faced with on-line sales

2/3 Returned

About 65% of all shoe returns are associated with an inappropriate size selection.

Size mismatch

The shoe size is approximate and does not correspond to the distinct parameters of a consumer's feet. We spend a whole lot of time trying to find comfortable shoes, and sometimes we don't even wear the shoes we bought.

Shoes on the way

When someone ordering several sizes of same article, a large volume of products hangs up "on the way" and does not for sale at the moment.

Transaction costs

Corporations bear high costs in the operational processing and reverse logistics.

Hidden potential

Due to the impossibility of trying on shoes, online sales cannot grow rapidly.

Lack of personalization

Shoemakers have no possibility to make shoes as comfortable as they could if they knew the distinct parameters of consumers.

We offer a more accurate selection of comfortable shoes, taking into account the distinct parameters of the feet.

There is a solution!

Thanks to the 4Comfort Shoes, you get an innovative approach to sales by providing a personalized offer for each consumer. You will have a unique tool for quick comfortable shoes selection, focusing on the unique parameters of the consumer's feet and the digitized parameters of the manufacturer's shoes.

How does it work?


Makes three photos of each leg. Consumer could manually specify the parameters value if necessary.


Loading a catalog indicating these shoe models


Loading data of shoe models. Digitizing the shoe last parameters of the shoe models

4Comfort Shoes

Digitization of feet parameters and comfortable shoes selection for the consumer with the best offer.

Main functionality 4Comfort Shoes

Determination of foot parameters and creation of a 3d model based on photos
Comparison of o consumer's feet 3d models with the parameters of the manufacturer's shoe last on at least 7 indicators, taking into account the orthopedic features of the feet
Push notifications for your customer with a personalized offer of relevant models based on their purchase history

Learn more how to integrate 4Comfort Shoes with an online store and the result will not keep you waiting!

Sales channels

Market potential

The footwear segment is expected to have 2,650.8 million users by 2024. *

* Source Statista. Forecast adjusted for the expected impact of COVID 19 (Aug 2020)

Do you want to gain a foothold in online shoe sales and keep returns to a minimum? Call us and get a personalized advantageous offer for your online store today!

Benefits for Shoe Buyers

"Time is a too expensive resource" either to waste going to the store, parking, fitting — or to form order online and wait for the delivery of such pair of shoes that have a risk of not being fit.

Digitize the parameters of the feet and get 3D models of feet for the whole family
In a matter of minutes "try on" a million pairs of shoes and find the most suitable option
Confidence in the right chosen size
Order individual tailoring of shoes anywhere around the world

Opportunities for fashion-retail

Reduce the return rate of online shoes
Increase the volume of online sales
Reduce the time it takes to find the right size for a client on the trading floor
Reduce retail space and maintenance costs

Get a personalized offer for your business from 4Comfort Shoes and finally offer your customers shoes they can not refuse!

Benefits for manufacturers

Possibility of direct sales with minimal risk of return
Adapting the parameters of the shoes last to the target segment
Fast sale of illiquid products
Custom production
Preparation of production for individual tailoring of shoes

About us

Each of us has several pairs of shoes that we wear once or twice at most. It is quite difficult to find comfortable shoes. Moreover, when we almost blindly select shoes in an online store, taking into account only the generalized dimensional grid. In this case, the probability of buying comfortable shoes decreases several times.
One day my daughter and I spent half a day looking for sneakers for her and shoes for me. Both of us have not so very small size of the feet and the selection of the appropriate size is not an easy task. After 6 hours of fitting, we went home with nothing and did not get the desired result. After a long and fruitless search, I saw the need to create an online service for comfortable shoes selection, which will take into account the individual parameters of the consumer's feet. This is how we come up with idea creating 4Comfort Shoes service.

Oksana Savytska

Founder, CEO 4fm,
Prosci certified change practitioner

Halyna Oriekhovska

Co-founder, Head of product
4Comfort shoes

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